Frequently Asked Questions

(Okay - we get asked these questions sometimes. Maybe "frequently" is a strong word…)

How do Pre-Orders Work?
Some of our items are on a "Pre-Order" status. Most of the estimated shipping dates are on the product listings. When we have an item that is on Pre-Order, we ship it to you as soon as it arrives from the distributor.
How Long do Pre-Orders take?
It depends on the product. Most Hot Toys arrive during the second or third quarter after the announcement. The estimates are usually within a three month window and they're usually accurate within that time frame. In the case of the amazing Hulkbuster, that bad boy has taken it's sweet time! I'm getting one and it's definitely going to be WORTH IT!!
Do you guys really give your money to charity?
Yep. 100% of the profits from this website go to benefit Bulloch County's Christmas toy drive. It's put on by our local Sheriff Department and Lieutenant Tremble is always my "Go To Guy" for rounding up the toys and making sure that they get distributed.
How do you make money with this and pay your bills?
We don't have to. I'm fortunate to make my living with my company, Pladd Dot Music. It's the parent company for everything that I do. As far as the toys go, we pay for the toys through the sales. Since it's all a one man show (and that man being me - Chris Mitchell), we don't have to generate a single red penny for profit.