Christmas 1986


I wrote this for my personal blog this past Christmas. I decided to publish it here as well so that people have some insight as to why we do what we do.

Christmas 1986

There are moments in time that define you. There are events that happen in your life that shape who you are and that put an imprint so deep in your soul that you’ll carry that mark forever.

For me, that moment was Christmas 1986.

Hard to believe it was thirty years ago. Before we make it to Christmas, let me give you a little background… Read More...

2015 Toy Drive

The 2015 Toy Drive was a HUGE HIT this year! Thank you to all of the Pladd Dot Toys customers and employees that made this such a huge success!

For those of you who don't know, when you purchase a toy from this website (or our eBay store), we donate 100% of the profits to our local sheriff's department for the distribution of toys through the community to families in need. Instead of me blabbing on about what we do, I'll just let the photos do the talking!

This year we filled SEVEN SHOPPING CARTS!!!



The Day I Fell in Love with Star Wars


Okay…. I don't know the DATE - but I do know the DAY.

I was six years old. My big brother's friend David came to our house to pick up my brother for a jam session or something (they were both budding musicians) and took us back to his house because I'm assuming that's where the drums were… Evidently I was along for the ride this time. When we got there, I met Michael - David's younger brother. He was closer to my age and wanted to show me some "cool stuff" in his room.

Michael showed me his room and I remember seeing the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. A magical 3.75" piece of white and black molded plastic that burned an impression in my mind that I remember to this day.

He called it a "Stormtrooper". I had never heard that word before but it didn't matter.

I knew that I'd never forget it.

Hot Toys T-800 Terminator

In this review, we take on the new Hot Toys T-800 Terminator figure. This is a great figure and I think it’s well worth the money. I’m a huge Hot Toys fan and I’ve been wanting something Terminator to add to my collection. This of course allows me to scratch both itches. Instead of giving you a long intro, let’s get to the review!


Gi Joe Airtight

By: Chris

In this toy review, we cover Airtight, or “Kurt Schnurr”. Airtight was one of my favorite GI Joes as a kid because it was one of the few GI Joes (not Cobras) with a sweet mask. His mask was similar to “Copperhead”, the Water Moccasin driver. And when it came to masks, Cobra had the best. From the Vipers, Wild Weasel, Frogmen, Firefly, and all the way up to Cobra Commander, Cobra had all of the coolest masks. Airtight was one of the few Joes that stood out among the crowd.

Although his history is a bit ambiguous (like why is an environmental specialist giving safety advice when someone from the medical profession (like Lifeline) would be a better choice), there’s no denying that he was always a cool looking figure.

Read the review below: